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Roots to Sky: a Community Journey

Mar 25, 2024



Join us starting in April for a 5 week all Community Journey

Nurturing our roots helps us grow skyward. Women Writing for a Change is going on a 5-week journey honoring your personal and WWfaC lineage. Please join in with opportunities to write, donate, and share your writing. Here’s are all the ways to engage:

  1. April: We’ll write together. Posted Prompts will be on Instagram and Facebook, through National Poetry Month, with prompts written to include all writing styles.
  2. May 2-3 Day of Giving. Give in Honor of an Ancestor. (from your writing or personal lineage) toward the future of Women Writing for a Change. Someone in your past had a voice that made a way for you. Honor them by continuing to help others find their voice at WWfaC. Funds raised will support:
    1. New Signage for front and inside of building
    2. Upgrade the design and use of space for the First Floor of building
    3. General Operating to improve internal systems
  3. May 3, 7-9pm A Public Readaround (remember those) at WWfaC building. Come and share a piece written to one of the April Prompts. We will all celebrate our roots and imagine an expansive future.

Take the Journey from Roots to Sky. Write. Give. Connect.