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About Women Writing for (a) Change

Women Writing for (a) Change offers writing programs for youth and adults, community outreach programs, leadership training, and free community events, including an annual Author’s Series.  

Unlike traditional writing classes, the classes at Women Writing for (a) Change are about nurturing you as a writer.  You bring any kind of writing to class and get the kind of feedback you want.  There is no teacher, just a facilitator and a circle of women here to listen.  

At the core of our programs is the writing circle, where participants sit in a circle and share, only if they want to.  We create a confidential and nurturing space for everyone to share their writing and the truths of their lives, but the choice is always yours.  Our writers, whether first-timers or the more experienced, find friendship, community, and meaningful conversation within our writing circles.  

Your voice matters at Women Writing for (a) Change. Our classes will keep you writing, and you can discover more about yourself, or preserve your memories and family stories. You write what you want to write. And whatever subject matter or format, you will find connection by spending time in the company of other writers.

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In-Person at Women Writing for (a) Change
Grades 4-6, 7-9, and 10-12

Feb 18.22

About Our Mural

The mural on our building titled All in This Together was made possible by The Village of Silverton and Arworks who employed a team of five local Youth Apprentices led by a local Teaching Artist. The Women Writing for (a) change building serves as a gateway to the community and the mural represents so many of our shared values. This work, designed by Cincinnati-based illustrator Erin Barker, represents the vibrancy and beauty of the Women Writing and Silverton community shown through colors of the mural, evoking strength and boldness, but also warmth and comfort. The three women (left to right) represent strength/resilience, ideas/growth, and creative expression. Together they represent diversity and inclusivity, cooperation and togetherness, and growth through adversity. Silverton’s landscape is shown through the linden leaves, acorn, and other foliage, while the half-circles were incorporated as grapes as a nod to Silverton’s history of wine making. “We are all in this story together,” a line from Sally Atkins’ poem, Tell Me, She Said, was selected by members of Women Writing for (a) Change, in partnership with the broader community. 



A world that nurtures creative expression and silences no one.



Create a community that embodies equity and encourages people to craft more conscious lives through writing.


DEI Statement

At Women Writing for (a) Change, we affirm that honoring our differences mutually enriches all.  We are committed to embracing diversity, equity and inclusion in every facet of the organization.  Our learning, growing and understanding continue to evolve.



Community ・Joy ・ Respect ・ Connection ・ Hospitality