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Core Class

All Gender

The feeling of safety to share and willingness and openness of the group has made a big difference in my life.

Being part of this community has helped me organize my writing time, allowing me to take my writing seriously enough to dedicate real time and space around my writing. 

I have been so grateful to my small group, as I have written some vulnerable pieces and they have been nothing but supportive--they genuinely listen to my words while providing encouragement and gentle suggestions.

This semester's class kept me showing up for writing that wanted to come through but for which I may not have made the time without the every Wednesday commitment.

I am still exploring forms/ideas in my writing, and this format helps form a safe and encouraging environment for that exploration. The emphasis on the process of writing, and not the "product" helps foster curiosity and creativity. 

Core Class

Adult Women

I thrive most when I have some structure surrounding my writing; and this class provides enough structure and enough space to strike a healthy balance for me. I am motivated and inspired, and have a renewed sense of commitment to my writing practice.

[This class] met me where I am. Made me show up for myself.
- Pam

I feel motivated and inspired to continue writing and challenging myself to believe I have a story worth telling.
- Mary

Being listened to, feeling heard and understood, is a huge gift.
- Donna

There is something about the way in which vulnerability is held in this space that allows me to lean in and express myself with this group.

Specialty Classes

Deep Craft, Shaping Scenes
All Gender

I felt heard and supported, and I was able to develop friendships with amazing people with whom I have writing in common, which by nature are a different, special kind of friendships.

Let's Be Perfectly Queer
All Gender

It is wonderful to know that I belong.

Craft of Poetry
All Gender 16+
I was jazzed about learning the new forms of poetry and taking on the challenge to do one myself. I also appreciated my small group, our conversation and familiarity. As always, my greatest gift from our evenings is the discourse and community. I was comfortable to share for what felt like the first time and I was able to hear and acknowledge many of my fellow peer's words.  


Specialty Classes

Celebrating Our Struggles
Adult Women

This was truly the inspirational spark needed to dive into sharing my story. I am starting my biggest adventure yet and needed this to dive in wholeheartedly. What a gift, truly.