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Meet Jinai Amos, Development Director

Feb 7, 2024

We are thrilled to welcome Jinai Amos as our new Development Manager! Bringing to this role more than 22 years of fundraising experience in the Cleveland area, Jinai has worked and volunteered in the arts and culture, health and human services, mental health, and social justice sectors. She is passionate about Women Writing for (a) Change’s mission and looks forward to meeting more people in the Women Writing community. Jinai is a loving aunt to her nieces and nephew and is a cat mom. In her spare time, she enjoys writing for her family association newsletter, walking in the woods, and exploring her intellectual interests.

We extend a huge thanks to Brittany Ballard, who has worked diligently as our Development Manager for the past two years! Brittany plans to continue volunteering and taking classes with the organization.