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Announcing New Executive Director

Jan 30, 2024

The WWf(a)C Board of Trustees has extended an offer to Christine Wilson to be our next Executive Director, and she has accepted!

From our Board President, Jane Pugliano: “On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I welcome Christine to her new role as the Women Writing for (a) Change Executive Director. The Board looks forward to supporting Christine, staff, and faculty as we transition into new leadership. Christine confidently follows in the footsteps of Mary Pierce Brosmer (Founder), Kathy Wade, Diane Debevec, and Lisa Rocklin, exceptional leaders who guided Women Writing for (a) Change with integrity and foresight.”

The ED Search Committee worked diligently and with great care for several months to bring us to this important transition. Over 20 candidates applied for the job. The search committee included Board Trustees Jane Pugliano, Diana Long (Human Resources Specialist), Licia Thompson (Leadership Consultant), and Lindsay Way (Organizational Strategist), and faculty members Laurie Lambert and Hannah Simon Goldman. We are incredibly thankful for their thoughtful process and hard work.

Christine has many qualities and qualifications that make her the right, best candidate at this moment in our organization’s history. She began attending classes at WWf(a)C over a decade ago, graduated from our Conscious Feminine Leadership Academy in 2017, and has facilitated both youth and adult writing circles. Christine has a strong business background, with skills managing a budget, a staff and programming. Her enthusiasm is palpable, as is her love of Women Writing for (a) Change. Her vision for the future of the organization is expansive and ambitious, while also aligned with our values and practices.

Christine’s start date is February 8, 2024. Diane Debevec, our Interim ED, will continue to work alongside her to coordinate the onboarding process. We invite you to join us in giving Christine our heartfelt support and encouragement as she enters into the role of leading Women Writing for (a) Change.