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Equals GreatnessEquals Greatness

Equals Greatness is a perfectly balanced multi-genre book that contains the author's powerful mini-autobiography which gives her very honest and heartfelt account of her experience as a domestic violence survivor. It won an AWP Journal Entry nomination for the state of Kentucky in 2011. In addition, the book contains a combination of seventy poems and short stories that she has written since then. The subject matter reaches the entire spectrum from rape, incest, sexual and emotional violations, racism, empowerment, betrayal, love, body positivity, and faith. Her first published piece Surprise Ending, published by the Voices Project touches on the very hard topic of parenting. Her social justice pieces speak of past and present injustices that helped to shape her beliefs as an activist. Her social justice poems I Don't Want to be Black and Eradication of Ventriloquy were published in May 2019 by SOS Art 2019. Her narrative poems tap into the African American oral tradition. Her lyrical poems are full of wisdom. The inspirational poems will encourage you, uplift your spirit, and increase your faith in God. You will enjoy this book from beginning to end.

Author: MoPoetry Phillips

Book available at Women Writing for (a) Change

What We Are Made OfWhat We Are Made Of

"What are we made of?" is the question posed by Laurie Elizabeth Lambert in these poems of nature, family, loss, and redemption. Organized by the seasons, Lambert reminds us that in spite of the darkness, our world contains trout lilies, trilliums, great blue herons, bluebirds, cardinals, woodpeckers, coffee, toast, butter...In the poem "In the Key of Chocolate," she tells us "chocolate is a woman's song," and boy, does she have that right. She gives us "these moments that make a life, / that make me want to draw breath again and again / and see what happens next," and we, her readers, are eager to see what does happen, in the next poem. -Barbara Crooker, author of Les Fauves and Barbara Crooker: Selected Poems

Author: Laurie Lambert

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In FireflyEllen Austin-Li’s first collection of poetry, the reader observes the narrow spaces between darkness and light, between the abyss and the peaks. Through expressive language and metaphor the poems focus on regret and hope, acquiescence and determination. As Austin-Li writes, “light shimmers brightest on the surface of a black pond”. The poems in this collection provide an unflinching account of a journey towards higher ground, “hopeful for the possibility of ascent.” –Leslie Clark, author of Driving in the Dark, Finishing Line Press, 2017.

Author: Ellen Austin-Li

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What I Can CarryWhat I Can Carry

In this first collection of her poetry, Laurie Elizabeth Lambert includes several "mother poems" and explorations of nature. Here you will also find pieces that nudge us to remember what it is like to begin again, as our lives change with the passage of time. As mother, daughter, friend, and scientist, Lambert's heartfelt response to the world is spilled on every page.

Author: Laurie Elizabeth Lambert

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Green and DyingGreen and Dying

As a poet, I admire how Teri uses humor and wordplay to address serious subject matter and her ability to "find the poem" in the stories of her life and of those around her. ~Pauletta Hansel, Cincinnati Poet Laureate

Teri's poetry is chock full of meaning and emotion. Poetry snobs equate incomprehensible with great, and it is this misguided notion that has created so many poetry haters. Teri's poetry is accessible but in no way simple; she is able to shape complex ideas into poetry that seeps into all the cracks of your soul. ~Sandy Lingo, Blogger,

Author: Teri Foltz

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Melancholy Is When I Leave YouMelancholy Is When I Leave You

A poetic memoir that dares to shine a light on the harsh reality of what it is like to have a loved one on Death Row in America. EXTRAORDINARY PRAISE for Melancholy is When I Leave You: “Read this book. It is an important addition to the canon on Capital Punishment and prison. You won’t be the same after reading Melancholy is When I Leave You. Angela Derrick is a stellar wordsmith. Her poems are edgy and concise; beautiful and provocative. This is an amazing work, destined to become a classic." --Sister Helen Prejean, author of DEAD MAN WALKING.  

Author:  Angela Derrick

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Into the Great BlueInto the Great Blue

This collection of poems traces the arc of a day, a season, inspired by a month of daily seaside walks along meadow and shore in Westport, Massachusetts. From the linguistically light-hearted to the profoundly personal, these poems evoke spirit, history and wisdom.

Author: Sarah W. Bartlett

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Down DeepDown Deep

Down Deep, the second poetry chapbook written by Mary Anne Reese in as many years, is made of summer afternoons, learning to swim, white-water rafting, crabbing, sunning near water--but always at the edge of risk and revelation. Seeking and longing drive many of the poems down deep to capture the heart of the matter, what we need to know, what we might learn to live for and die for--tugging at the mysterious line: "teach us / to live / with brevity." These poems are prayers of desire.

Author: Mary Anne Reese

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"Kate Fadick's poems resonate with story and emotion; breathe with intimacy and compassion illumined against the crisp backcloth of the natural world...You will read these poems more than once..."