Following Your Path: Creating and Practicing Personal Traditions

Facilitator: Dawn Koch

  • Date: 11-14-2015
  • Time: 1:00 to 4:00
  • Tuition: $35.00
  • Open to: Women

What is your practice?  What traditions or rituals do you practice daily, monthly, or yearly?  This class will help you discover and create personal traditions that will guide you toward your own path of self-awareness and personal transformation.

Yoga, meditation, prayer, meal preparation, writing, art-making, documenting personal history, sharing stories...these are all ways that we create and practice personal traditions in our lives.  Whether we do this for personal health and wellness, to celebrate with family, to mark a milestone, or for any other reason, personal traditions are a part of our lives.  This class will help you discover traditions you may not realize you practice, celebrate those that are important to you, and create new traditions that will help you connect with your true self and create a more positive, healthy life.    

This class is a part of the series Following Your Path.  This series of three individual classes that can be taken together or alone will guide participants along their own individual journeys toward self-awareness and personal transformation, with writing as the guide. 

Join us in September for an exploration of your origins in the class, Where I'm From.  Then come again in October for the mini-retreat, Finding the Path Back to You.  In November, take a journey through your personal history with Creating and Practicing Personal Traditions.  
All programs will use writing as a tool for self-awareness, personal transformation, and documenting personal history. 

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Location & Special Instructions

Women Writing for (a) Change

6906 Plainfield Road

Cincinnati, OH 45236


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