The Craft of Story Development: Spring Series (4-Session Pass)

Facilitator: Karen Novak and Guest Artist Tina Neyer

  • Date: 02-22-2020 to 05-16-2020
  • Time: 9:00 am to 12:30 pm
  • Tuition: $150.00
  • Open to: All Genders 18+
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A 4-class series that delves into the components of story development, whether memoir, non-fiction and fiction. Classes will cover The Five Elements of a Compelling Story, Characterization, Scene Construction, and Seeing is Believing.

February 22: The Five Elements of a Compelling Story
All great stories contain five elements. Attendees will learn about the following elements, try each one on, and walk away with tools to apply to their own stories:

Protagonist: the main character in the story
Antagonist: the most powerful agent for strengthening a protagonist
Inciting Incident: an event that sets the characters in motion
Conflict: a challenge to overcome, a quest, mystery, or struggle
Resolution: the conflict must be resolved by the end of the book in a way that makes sense and will be satisfying to the readers

March 21: Characterization
This workshop addresses the key elements the protagonist and antagonist must have for the reader to invest in them and keep reading.

April 18: Scene Construction: The Basic Elements
This workshop brings into focus the major pieces of a scene, or the stories within the story that move your characters from beginning to end.

May 16: Seeing is Believing: Showing and Telling
This workshop is an intense examination of the difference between active and passive voice and verbs. Participants will also learn how to use research to make their stories authentic with detail that is accurate to a time period.

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Location & Special Instructions

Women Writing for (a) Change
6906 Plainfield Road
Cincinnati, OH 45236


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