Love Your Words: Writing for a Cause

Facilitator: Karen Cox w/ guest Cara Wagner

  • Date: 09-29-2018
  • Time: 10:00 am to 12:30 pm
  • Tuition: FREE
  • Open to: Women aged 16+

Join High School senior Cara Wagner, as she leads us in writing supportive letters to women around the world through the organization "To Love Ourselves."

Hello, writers! My name is Cara Wagner and I am a high school senior currently working on a Capstone service project through my school. For my project, I am working with “To Love Ourselves,” an agency that provides women and girls with handwritten letters of hope, encouragement, and affirmation. These women from around the world are nominated by friends, parents, teachers, etc. and are in a very wide range of situations. Some are dealing with hardship such as health problems, bullying, or divorce to name a few. Others are about to embark on new journeys in workplaces or schools. And still others simply seek encouragement and kindness. At this event, we will be filling letter requests, with each participant writing and decorating around 2-3 thoughtful letters to women. Don’t worry, there will be guidelines, and you don’t have to be wonderful at art! Anyone who enjoys writing, lifting up others, and making a difference will love this opportunity to use their words and change lives. I hope you all take advantage of this chance to support this incredible agency!

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