Girls Fall Session I and II Bundle (grades 4-7)

Facilitator: Katherine Meyer

  • Date: 09-13-2015 to 11-8-2015
  • Time: 1:00 to 3:30
  • Tuition: $169.00
  • Open to: Girls (4th - 7th grade)

Girls Fall Session I: Sundays, September 13 - October 4

Theme: Dogs and other Animals We Love

Girls in grades 4 – 7 are invited to a special          4-week class on Sunday afternoons. Girls will have the opportunity to speak out through the art and power of writing. They may compose poetry, fiction and/ or non-fiction, share their writing, and receive feedback in a supportive and nurturing environment.  Other art forms will be explored to go deeper with the topic of animals that they love. Writing about dogs and other cherished pets helps girls get to know themselves better, learn about relationships, communication, love and the sorrow of saying good-bye. The girls will compile their writing in a small handmade “Stick and Band Book” and illustrate it with collaged pictures and other visual art.

Girls Fall Session II Sundays, October 18 - November 8


Facilitator: Katherine Meyer

Theme: Conversations at the Zoo

In this 4 week session girls  in grades 4-7 will deepen their experience of speaking out through the art and power of writing. They will have the opportunity to practice dialogue, and descriptive writing, share their writing, and receive feedback in a supportive and nurturing environment. Writing about animals at the zoo gives writers an entry point to different parts of the world, and an opportunity to get to know themselves on a deeper level. They will travel in their minds to the places the animals lived before they came to the zoo. The girls will collect their writing and artwork in an original small book that each girl will create to her liking.

Each session, time will be given for Dream Notes...anonymous positive notes we write to one another. 

Classes and camps for girls use the art of writing and other arts to enhance self-esteem and build skills in creative self-expression. Programs are designed to help strengthen girls' authentic voices, develop their ability to speak out through writing and direct interaction, and deepen their belief in their own creative intelligence.

Location & Special Instructions

Women Writing for (a) Change

6906 Plainfield Road

Cincinnati, OH 45236



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