Our Writing

What kind of writing do we do?  Our answer:  All kinds!

Our writers are motivated by reasons each as unique as their individual selves.  Participants in Women Writing for (a) Change® programs include those who are exploring writing for the first time and those who employ writing as a process of self-discovery and self-expression, as well as published authors.

Writers are free to explore any genre, or multiple genres.  Members of our writing circles have produced humor, fantasy, opinion pieces, journal entries, fiction, memoir, drama, poetry and song, and commentary on modern culture.  They write about what is important in their own lives and touch on the common themes of humanity—birth and death, childhood and parenthood, marriage and divorce, love and hate, community and isolation.  Each writer brings her own point of view, and all points of view are honored and respected.

WWf(a)C members learn and practice active listening, equal sharing of time and the intentional giving and receiving of feedback.  Through adherence to these practices, writers find a receptive home for their words and the safety required to experiment and grow in their craft.  New members are always warmly welcomed into our classes.

While many individuals come to WWf(a)C simply to share their words within our writing circles,  others have sent their words out into a wider world via publication.  Click here for a link to WWf(a)C authors and their works. 

Our writers and special guests also talk about writing and read from their own works on our podcasts, which are available online through our website. Click here for our podcasts.  WWf(a)C podcasts can also be accessed through the podcast app on smart phones or tablet computers.