Community Partnerships

Women Writing for (a) Change® partners with schools, libraries, community centers, arts and community organizations, non-profits and businesses to bring the unique processes and techniques of WW(f)aC to a wider community.   An important goal of our outreach programs is to reach those who would not otherwise be able to attend our programs, and who would benefit from using writing as a tool for transformation.  We endeavor to reach underserved populations as part of this program, in addition to other groups in the community.

Our mission is to nurture and celebrate the individual voice by facilitating supportive writing circles and by encouraging people to craft more conscious lives through the art of writing and the practices of communityPrograms are designed to help connect individuals to the power of their voices, using the art of writing as an avenue for self discovery and self expression. The curriculum is designed to help participants practice interpersonal skills including self-reflection, supportive listening, and self-advocacy, strengthening their abilities to speak through writing and enhancing self esteem.  Each group also practices the skill of conscious community building, in order to respect and uphold the value of each participant's voice.   

Community Partnership Programs are developed in collaboration with our partner organizations so that partners and group participants experience:

  • The unique and proven WWf(a)C process, led by a trained and experienced facilitator
  • Tools and techniques of the transformative writing process
  • On-going connection to the WWf(a)C community
  • Benefits of a mutually collaborative partnership

Who We Serve

With the Community Partnerships Program, Women Writing for (a) Change strives to reach traditionally silenced or underserved populations, as well as the general public. Some examples of individuals and groups we serve are listed below.

  • Women, young women, girls, and men who wish to write and share their individual stories
  • At-risk youth 
  • Adults/youth in poverty or experiencing homelessness
  • Mentally or physically disabled adults and youth
  • Incarcerated women or women living in group homes
  • Survivors of domestic or sexual abuse or violence 
  • The elderly–those in nursing homes and home health care
  • Women/young women with eating disorders
  • Individuals in Hospice
  • Veterans
  • Expectant mothers
  • Cancer survivors or those currently dealing with cancer or other illnesses
  • Those in recovery (from alcohol or drug abuse)
  • Women in transition
  • Individuals dealing with grief/loss 

WWf(a)C has worked with partners such as:

  • Project Connect
  • Cincinnati Public Schools
  • The Girl Scouts of Western Ohio
  • Pleasant Ridge Montessori
  • Springer School
  • Kennedy Heights Arts Center
  • Pine Ridge Retirement Community
  • Northwest Local School District
  • Taft High School
  • YWCA – Rosie’s Girls
  • The Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati
  • Starfire U
  • The Women’s Connection
  • Hyde Park Health Care
  • Mayerson JCC
  • The True Body Project