Conscious Feminine Leadership Academy

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2022 Conscious Feminine Leadership Academy 
a program of Women Writing for (a) Change®

Transforming culture through conscious feminine leadership, values, and practice.

The Conscious Feminine Leadership Academy, CFLA,  (formerly The Feminist Leadership Academy of Cincinnati) grew out of the realization that many aspects of the Women Writing for (a) Change model inspire and support participants' growth as leaders. The most important resource of this work is a community of leaders who embody emerging consciousness.

Aims of this program, originally designed by WWf(a)C Founder, Mary Pierce Brosmer, include the desire to:

1. expand and deepen leadership for the future of WWf(a)C
2. support conscious feminine leaders within their current vocations
3. create a structure for those in transition from one phase of life or vocation to another. *Participants in this program have included teachers, clergy, physicians, therapists, artists, activists, nurses, social workers, nonprofit and business executives, and entrepreneurs interested in integrating conscious feminine practices into their personal or professional lives
4. train those who wish to start WWf(a)C centers in other cities

Participation in CFLA is an investment in transformational learning and renewal for those who hold space for others, whether in personal relationships or in the public sector. This intensive commitment to learning together represents an investment in one's own personal growth and an evolving understanding of leadership.

Who Should Apply:

  • Those who want to wake up more fully to the conscious feminine, whether or not they have vocational aspirations for facilitating in the WWf(a)C community
  • Those who want to incorporate WWf(a)C practices into social service, business, religious, or other settings
  • Those who want to apply to teach WWf(a)C core and/or specialty classes 
  • Those who want to create WWf(a)C affiliate centers in other cities 
  • Those who have participated in earlier C/FLA or YFLA (Young Feminist Leadership Academy) programs who want to incorporate emergent understandings, deepen their training, and renew their commitment

Open to women and nonbinary adults with previous experience in Women Writing for (a) change circles.

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Methodology, Staff, Schedule, and Tuition


  • Writing as a practice of individual reflection and communal connection
  • Learning within a safe, brave, and confidential container
  • Respect for the life experience and contributions of each learner
  • Intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and physical ways of learning
  • Writing, reading, small and large group process, meditation, movement, conversation
  • A high level of preparation and careful, intentional facilitation by staff

Participants will gain:

  • Immersion in a community of becoming conscious, creative individuals
  • Learning within conscious feminine traditions and expanded awareness of intersections/ overlay regarding race and gender
  • Seeking balance and understanding of the conscious masculine, and how feminine and masculine consciousness integrate in the 21st century
  • Study of a spirituality of education, creating creative learning communities
  • Training in ways to build community through the use of writing and ritual
  • Training in ways to use writing as a practice of healing and innovation
  • Practical problem-solving skills for personal and professional development

Those seeking to create WWf(a)C Affiliate Centers and complete licensure through separate additional training will also gain:

  • Legal right to use WWf(a)C Trademark (to be renewed after initial three years, then every five years)
  • Presence on as an affiliate site
  • Access to curriculum and community-building materials


Diane Debevec, (she/her) WWf(a)C Facilitator, and former Executive Director of WWf(a)C, Cincinnati. Diane is a 2006 FLA graduate (formerly the Feminist Leadership Academy).

Lisa Rocklin, (she/her) WWf(a)C Facilitator and current Executive Director of WWf(a)C, Cincinnati. Lisa is a 2015 CFLA graduate.

Additional guest teachers will include other C/FLA and YFLA graduates and guest artists.

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CFLA 2019 was an opportunity for profound growth, deepening connections
to self and others and expansive learning. The invitation during these weeks of
exploration and friendship allowed me to grow my understanding of how I can live
more compassionately in the world while also holding strong boundaries around how I
care for myself and others. My work, as a business owner and therapist, has been
profoundly impacted by the concepts shared. I was challenged in ways I did not expect
and the result of that was increased authenticity, healing, and power that I believe
will allow me to do my part to help heal our community.

~Amy Sullivan, CFLA 2019

Format and Schedule:

The 2022 Conscious Feminine Leadership Academy offers a hybrid residential and virtual training program. We will build our community of practice in person at St. Mary's, The Transfiguration Spirituality Center in Glendale, OH; and we will use ZOOM technology for our weekly meetings.

Opening In-Person Retreat at St. Mary's:             July 21 - 25
12 Weekly Virtual Circles:                                      Aug 8 - Oct 31
(Mondays, 6-9pm EST, no class Sept 19th)
Closing In-Person Retreat at St. Mary's:               Nov 10 - 13
Graduation Weekend at WWf(a)C:                         Dec 2 - 4

What if I said "Leader"
...and it evoked an image of someone who
always kept sight of what is in the middle?
Asked: "What are we gathered here to give life to?"
Told their own stories and made space for yours?
Asked, "What can we make of this?"
rather than "Whose fault is it?"

~Mary Pierce Brosmer, Founder

What's a Practicum Project?

Each participant will design and offer a practicum intended to embody the learnings of CFLA. In developing, planning, and holding writing circles from start to finish, each participant will gain valuable facilitation experience.

Practicums are to be completed by November 1, 2022, with practicum portfolios
due November 8, 2022.

Participants will also complete a reflective paper on a relevant topic of their choice,
which is due October 10, 2022.


$3,800 / $3,040 / $2,470  Sliding Scale

Sliding scale is a pricing model that aims to increase accessibility of this program by asking those who can afford a full-priced experience to help subsidize the experience for those who can’t.

To help you decide what fee is the best fit for you, please refer to The Green Bottle graphic, designed by community healing practitioner Alexis J Cunningfolk.

Certification Program Tuition includes room and board; program materials, planning, and instruction by facilitators; guest artist fees, and administrative staff support. Books not included. Copies of articles will be provided.

If you need scholarship support beyond the Sliding Scale, please complete a scholarship application. Limited scholarship funds may be available, and requests will be considered in the order received.  

***Licensing Program: For those who complete certification and are interested in obtaining an affiliate license to open a WWf(a)C site in another city, an additional training session is required.  Please inquire if this is of interest to you.

Payment Plan:

If not paying in full, choose a schedule of equal payments made over 4, 6, or 12 months. Depending on preferred schedule, payments begin on May 2, 2022, and end on April 3, 2023. ($250 Deposit due at time of application to program.)

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To Learn More about CFLA:

CFLA Discernment Circles (designed to help determine whether CFLA is right for you and you for it) have been held. If you are interested in applying for CFLA or have questions, please contact Lisa Rocklin, WWf(a)C Executive Director, at

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CFLA for me was filled with self-exploration;
the acquisition of new knowledge
to draw from and new friendships to lean into:
the understanding of the power of new practices;
and the possibility of moving more softly through my life.
It was one of the hardest things I've ever endured,
and it was, maybe, the most magical thing
I've ever witnessed. I emerged a better version of myself,
with new ways to work toward healing my small part
of this hurting world.

~Pam Temple, CFLA 2015

How to Apply:

To be considered for acceptance in CFLA 2022, please:

  • Attend at least one Discernment Circle (more than one encouraged).
  • Complete the Google Form Application
  • Attach a 1–2-page resumé to your application.
  • Submit a Deposit of $250 by check or request a PayPal link.  (Deposit refunded only if application is not accepted.)

Class size limited to 16
. Applications (and scholarship applications) will be considered
in the order received.

Application Period:                         Jan 2 to Mar 2, 2022
Application Notification:                Ongoing as application materials are reviewed, but
                                                          no later than April 4, 2022.

PDF Brochure

For questions, please contact

Conscious Feminine Leadership Academy
c/o Women Writing for (a) Change
6906 Plainfield Road, Cincinnati, OH 45236