About Women Writing for (a) Change

We at Women Writing for (a) Change® offer supportive writing circles to nurture and celebrate the individual voice. Classes encourage self-expression through the art of writing and other creative processes. In our writing circles and specialty classes, participants explore and work in a variety of genres, including journal-writing, poetry, prose, essay, song-writing, fiction, and more.

While many participants have published, our focus is on process rather than product. We believe that practicing and sharing our writing in a non-competitive community enriches and enhances our art and our lives, and that writing can be a tool for transformation and change.


What Participants are saying about WWf(a)C

"This class has been better, richer, more fulfilling and inspiring than I ever hoped it would be – and I hoped for a lot! I can’t wait to sign up for the next semester."

"I feel comforted and connected. I relish the words of others. I love the images. I admire the careful telling of our lives."

"How inspiring to see writers lifting one another up. I love the non-competitive spirit here."

"The gathering of women writers sharing their truths is sacred and powerful. I have watched so many women find their voices here as I have. I have seen them leave the circle of WWf(a)C and go out into their lives knowing that they have something to say."

Our Mission

The mission of Women Writing for (a) Change is to create a community that embodies equity and encourages people to craft more conscious lives through writing.