Building Blocks Intensive: Steps to a Compelling Narrative (8-Class Bundle)

Facilitator: Tina Neyer and Annette Januzzi Wick

  • Date: 09-29-2017 to 11-17-2017
  • Time: 9:00 am to 12:30 pm
  • Tuition: $349.00
  • Open to: Anyone 18+ who has previously attended a WWf(a)C class

WWf(a)C presents eight weeks of intensive study into the art of creating a story. Many of the principles presented in these workshops are applicable to Fiction and Creative NonFiction. Throughout these eight weeks, we will examine various elements of story to help participants increase their knowledge and expertise in the construction of a written story. Each workshop is designed with hands-on exercises to help the writer hone an existing manuscript and in the creation of new material.

Week One: Naming the World: Story for Creative Writers. Every story has a beginning, middle and end. What makes for a compelling story? We will tackle the principles of story as a vehicle to foster creativity.

Week Two: Opening Paragraph: Why It Matters. This workshop focuses on the examination of several first paragraphs. What makes the reader want to read on after a few short sentences? The critical elements of a great opening paragraph can be applied to the writer's existing work.

Week Three: Develop the Character Your Reader Remembers. A Character must have a rich personality that jumps off the page, or a subtle look that creates an air of mystery. We discuss the elements of characterization. Does your character just say things or does she move around, put a finger to her lip, evoke a sense of something more? This workshop will focus on ideas for creating more full-bodied personalities when it matters.

Week Four: The Basic Elements. Every scene has event, emotion, function, and structure. Scenes provide a rhythm and pulse. This workshop will address the components of a properly executed scene to see the scene just as you would in a performance on a stage.

Week Five: Seeing is Believing: Show and Tell. A good story strikes a balance between action and interior thoughts. If a story is nothing but scenes the reader has no rest from the action and if the story is fraught with thinking and inaction, the reader may become bored with inaction. We will look at active voice, action verbs, and narrative exposition in this workshop.

Week Six: Plot and Narrative Arc. Where does a story climax? If it is at the beginning, there is little need for the reader to continue. We look at Story Arcs, the inverted Check Mark form and examine how Story and Plot are different.

Week Seven: He Said What? Dialogue and voice are two different elements in story. We will explore them and give helpful hints into the proper use of dialogue, and when exposition, which develops the "Voice," is more appropriate.

Week Eight: Fiction Versus Creative NonFiction. This final workshop will review the elements of a good story. We will discuss Memoir, Flash Fiction, Short Story, and Novel. We will have a discussion of next steps, including the formation of critique groups and the plan to bring in visiting authors who help to solidify the various topics we covered in the course of eight weeks.

Week Nine: Read Around. This is a bonus week when writers are invited to come back to read from their enhanced work.

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Location & Special Instructions

Women Writing for (a) Change
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Cincinnati, OH 45236


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