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2015 Conscious Feminine Leadership Academy

Transforming culture though conscious feminine leadership, values, and practice.

The Conscious Feminine Leadership Academy grew out of the realization that many aspects of the Women Writing for (a) Change® model inspire and support women's growth as leaders.  The most important resource of this work is a community of women who embody emerging consciousness.  

The Conscious Feminine Leadership Academy prepares participants to participate in the transformation of culture by creating, naming, and supporting leaders in the practice of conscious feminine values.  

The 2015 Conscuous Feminine Leadership Academy will take place on the following dates: 

Session I: June 26 - July 2, 2015
Session II: July 31 – August 6, 2015
Session III*: August 24 - August 28, 2015

Click here for more information or to download an application.  


Discernment Circles for CFLA 2015

Discernment Circles for CFLA 2015, led by Beth Lodge-Rigal on:

Thursday, October 30th- 7-9 pm  
Saturday, December 13th 10am - Noon  
No cost to attend 
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Questions? Contact: Diane Debevec, Executive Director Click here