Conscious Feminine Leadership Academy 2017

Conscious Feminine Leadership Academy  a program of Women Writing for (a) Change®

The Conscious Feminine Leadership Academy, CFLA,  (formerly The Feminist Leadership Academy of Cincinnati) grew out of the realization that many aspects of the Women Writing for (a) Change model inspire and support women’s growth as leaders.  The most important resource of this work is a community of women who embody emerging consciousness.

Aims of this program, originally designed by WWf(a)C Founder, Mary Pierce Brosmer include the desire to:

(1) expand and deepen conscious feminine leadership to bring the feminine more fully to
     expression in the world
(2) expand and deepen conscious feminine leadership for the future of WWf(a)C
(3) create a structure for women in transition from one phase of life or vocation to another
(4) train women who wish to start WWf(a)C programs in other cities

*Graduates of the program have included nurses, clergywomen, physicians, therapists, religious sisters, activists, teachers, social workers, non-profit and business executives, entrepreneurs and artists.

This intensive commitment to learning together represents an investment in one’s own personal growth and evolving understanding of leadership.  For anyone who holds or wishes to hold transformational space for others, the commitment to growth is a major component of the program. 

Who Should Apply:

  • Women who want to wake up more fully to the conscious feminine, whether or not they have vocational aspirations for facilitating in the WWf(a)C community
  • Women who want to incorporate WWf(a)C practices into social service, business, religious, and other settings
  • Women who want to apply to teach in WWf(a)C core and/or specialty classes 
  • Women who want to create WWf(a)C affiliate programs in other cities 
  • Women who have participated in earlier C/FLA or YWFLA classes who want to incorporate emergent understandings, deepen their training, and renew their commitment

Download PDF Application

Discernment Circles have already been held. However, applications are still being accepted! Please contact Diane Debevec, Executive Director, for information.  Click here


  • Writing as a practice of individual reflection & communal connection
  • Learning within a safe and confidential container
  • Respect for the life experience and contributions of each learner
  • A high level of preparation and careful, intentional facilitation by staff
  • Intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical ways of learning
  • Writing, reading, small and large group process, meditation, movement, conversation

Participants will gain:

  • Immersion in a community of becoming-conscious, creative, spiritually-oriented women
  • Learning within conscious feminine traditions
  • Understanding of how masculine and feminine consciousness integrate in the 21st century
  • Insight into the spirituality of education, creating creative learning communities
  • Training in ways to build community through the use of writing and ritual
  • Training in ways to use writing as a practice of healing and innovation
  • Practical problem-solving skills for personal and professional development


Those seeking to create WWf(a)C Affiliate writing programs and completing licensure will also gain:

  • legal right to use WWf(a)C Trademark (to be renewed after initial three years,                     then every five years)
  • presence on as an affiliate site
  • access to curriculum and community-building materials


Staff of CFLA 2017:

Lead teacher:   Lisa M Hess, Owner of Women Writing for (a) Change, Central Ohio (Dayton & Columbus affiliates), scholar, poet, contemplative leader in traditional and non-traditional communities of practice.

Co-Facilitator:  Diane Debevec, Executive Director of Women Writing for (a) Change Cincinnati, writer, painter, facilitator, ponderer.

Additional guest teachers will include, WWf(a)C Founder, Mary Pierce Brosmer and other C/FLA graduates and WWf(a)C faculty


Participants will receive training in best practices gained from more than two decades of circle-way leadership and Women Writing for (a) Change experience.

Topics will include: 

  • History/Herstory -- Integrating the Feminine, Balancing the Conscious Masculine
  • Leading from Within -- Energetic Boundaries for Healthy Leadership
  • Reclaiming the Young Feminine -- Father's Daughters, Motherlines, and Gently Fierce Girlhood
  • Writing as Healing Practice -- individual and communal
  • Awakening to the "Container(s)" -- Structural Lenses on Power, Presence and the Creation of Transformational Learning Environments
  • Learning the Con Fem Pace in an Over-Masculinized World
  • Creative tools for managing group dynamics
  • Business models, marketing, use of social media, etc. (In Session III)


Required Reading includes:
Women Writing for (a) Change: a Guide for Creative Transformation. Notre Dame University: Sorin Press, 2009, Mary Pierce Brosmer
To Be a Woman: the Birth of the Conscious Feminine. New York: Tarcher/ Putnam, Connie Zweig, ed, 1990.
Coming Home to Myself, Jill Mellick, Conari, 2001
The Four Fold Way, Angeles Arrien  Harper San Francisco  1993
The Tao of Leadership, John Heider, Bantam, 1985.
Other articles & selected chapters from Marion Woodman, Hilary Hart, Emily Hancock, Maureen Murdock, Helen Luke, Maya Angelou, Vicki Noble, bell hooks, Jean Shinoda Bolen, Adrienne Rich, Audre Lorde, Margaret Wheatley, and others.



Sessions I and II      $3800  (includes room, board, program fees and materials)
Session I: July 7-July 14, 2017 (Friday-Friday)
                                   Session II: August 10-August 17, 2017 (Thursday-Thursday)

The Conscious Feminine Leadership Academy is a residential training program. We will build our community of practice for Session I & II at St. Mary's, The Transfiguration Spirituality Center
in Glendale OH

Session III                $2450*  (Session III will be held at Bethanna, The Transfiguration Spirituality                                   Center. Room and board included in cost)
                                  Dates: September 10-September 15, 2017 (Sunday through Friday)
                                 *Licensing week cost includes 3-year trademark licensing fee

Download PDF Application




What to do if you are interested in CFLA

1.  Attend CFLA Discernment Gatherings!
At least one, preferably two. These gatherings are designed to help determine whether CFLA is right for you and you for it. The Discernment Circles have already been held. However, applications for CFLA are still being accepted! Please contact Diane Debevec, Executive Director, for additional information - Click Here.

2.  Complete Registration. To be considered for a place in the class of 2017, please send a packet including:

* Completed Application (Click here to download PDF)
* One or two page resume
* Deposit of $495.  Deposit refunded only if application is not accepted.

Application Period:   January 1, 2017 to June 1, 2017
Application Notification: Ongoing as application materials are reviewed, but no later than June 6, 2017.

Mail to:

Conscious Feminine Leadership Academy
Women Writing for (a) Change
6906 Plainfield Rd.
Cincinnati, OH  45236


“…what if we said ‘leader’ and that word connected with someone who was conscious that publicly enacting feminine values made her (or him) more vulnerable and less valued, and did it anyway, intentionally and respectfully?”   ~Mary Pierce Brosmer, founder of WWf(a)C